How Do You Pass the Wonderlic Test?

Wonderlic, Inc. produces a number of different cognitive tests. Test takers need to tailor their strategies to the particular test being given. These tests generally do not have inherent passing scores, but the organizations that administer them (such as schools or employers) may choose to set a mandatory minimum score for prospective candidates.

Test takers should first familiarize themselves with the specific Wonderlic test that is going to be taken and determine if the organization administering the test has a mandatory minimum score for applicants.

Wonderlic tests are similar to intelligence quotient tests in that they are designed to measure inherent intelligence and learning potential rather than learned information. They are therefore somewhat difficult to prepare for or improve scores on once taken. Some practice tests do exist, however, which can at least familiarize the test taker with the test format and help to relieve some apprehension that may affect performance when taking the timed test.

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is the variant famously used by the National Football League at their annual combine. Wonderlic, Inc. has stated that a score of 10 on this test indicates basic literacy and a score of 20 indicates average intelligence. These numbers are somewhat questionable, however, as a number of NFL players have scored below a 10 on the test yet have graduated from college successfully and displayed competent cognitive skills.