How Do You Pass the TABE Test?

The TABE test has no true passing or failing grade. The idea behind the test is to find out where a person stands academically. It is possible to study and prepare for the test to do better, but no one fails the test.

TABE stands for Test for Adult Basic Education. The test is comprised of three sections. Each section tests a different academic area. The tests are reading, English and math. The reading section will include questions on vocabulary and comprehension. Grammar is tested in the English portion of the exam. Basic math, and a bit of pre-algebra, is on the math section. Employers and college admission personnel use the test scores to determine what type of job a person is capable of doing, or what level class a student requires. Trade schools and colleges offer study groups to prepare for the TABE test. Often, this test is required before registering for a GED class, or other offered program when the student has not graduated high school or has not attended school for a long time. This helps students prepare for GED testing. After taking the test, a person understands what areas of study need improvement. An employee deficient in one area of the test may be sent for additional training before being offered a promotion.