How Do You Pass a Security Guard License Test?


To pass a security guard license test, use security guard practice tests, make a study schedule and stay focused on the goal. Shorter, more frequent study sessions yield better results than all-night sessions.

Begin by taking security guard practice tests available online to get a good idea of what the test entails. Make note of problem areas, and use these while studying. Take more practice tests periodically and compare results to track progress. Taking practice tests also helps the mind to get used to taking tests.

Next, use a study guide and schedule time each day to study. Dedicate at least 30 minutes every day to studying a specific topic before moving on to the next. Avoid last minute cramming sessions as these do not usually produce good results.

Lastly, think about motivation for taking the test to help with staying focused. Recent statistics show that security guard jobs are likely to continue growing over the next decade. It is also a good idea to talk to other security guards who have taken the test for firsthand information on what to expect. Get enough sleep the day before the test, take a good breakfast and show up on time for the test.