How Do You Pass the ITIL V3 Foundation Exam?

How Do You Pass the ITIL V3 Foundation Exam?

To pass the ITIL V3 Foundation Exam, one must respond correctly to a minimum of 26 out of 40 multiple-choice items. Each question is worth one mark. This is equivalent to getting 65 percent of the test correct.

Preparing for the test should include taking at least one official sample exam and then reading the answer rationales, according to Pearson Education. A sample exam can be downloaded from the official Accrediting Professional Managers Globally ITIL site.

Reading each question and response option carefully and paying close attention to the wording is another way to maximize exam results. Moreover, circling important words when taking a paper-based exam can help ensure one understands what is being asked.

It is also important to answer questions in terms of the information presented in the five ITIL books. Questions should not be answered based on experience or the operations of a given organization, since this is not what the exam is designed to assess.

Knowing the keywords loosely associated with certain ITIL concepts, such as "service strategy" and "governance," is also helpful. Among the topics covered on the exam are service management as a practice, the ITIL service lifecycle and generic concepts and definitions.

Other topics include key principles and models, selected processes and functions, selected roles, technology and architecture and competence and training. The duration of the exam is one hour.