What Is a Parent Portal for Local Schools?


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Parent portals, such as those for Chicago Public Schools, South Windsor Public Schools and Thomas Edison Middle School, give parents of students access to school online material. This may include their children's attendance record and grades, assignment statuses, school communication platforms, daily announcements, and school calendars.

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Parents can access their school or district's parent portal by creating a personal account in conjunction with the school. The school usually provides the user names and passwords to access the accounts.

Both South Windsor Public Schools and Thomas Edison Middle School use PowerSchool as the online platform for their parent portals. South Windsor's portal gives parents access to district announcements and their children's academic records. Parents with more than one child attending the district's schools can view academic records for each child through the same portal. The portal also enables parents to send embedded messages to teachers. It is available on certain mobile devices.

Chicago Public Schools utilizes the IMPACT Parent Portal. Parents can use the portal to communicate directly with teachers and receive alerts via email or text when their children fail to show up for classes or are having academic struggles. Additional features include Parent Portal News, school calendars and report card access.

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