What Is a Paper Editing Expert?

What Is a Paper Editing Expert?

A paper editing expert is someone who is highly skilled at correcting academic or professional writing for errors in grammar and usage, sentence structure, word choice, content and style. Editors often revise a draft several times before it is ready for publication.

Professional editors do more than just proofread papers. There are several different types of expert editors to help writers present their ideas in the clearest and most engaging manner.

Developmental or substantive editors are responsible for the content and structure of the writing process. Developmental editors work with writers from the initial concept of a piece. They may make suggestions about content and presentation or help writers organize their ideas. Substantive editors review the final text to improve readability, clarity and accuracy. They may help fictional writers identify inconsistencies in language or plot structure.

Copy editors are responsible for reviewing the final product and preparing it for print. In addition to common editorial duties such as proofreading for correct grammar and word usage, copy editors also fact-check, ensure that writing adheres to certain style guidelines, and write headlines or titles.

Online editors must possess all of the above-mentioned abilities, as well as be able to generate story ideas, format copy, or find relevant links and pictures to display with a story. Just before final production, the proofreader steps in to ensure that there are no typos and that all the visual and written elements are displayed properly.

Editors must also be good writers. Usually a master's degree is preferred for those who edit academic content, as writing can be prepared for dissertations or scholarly journals.