How Do You Get Paid to Go to School for Nutrition?

How Do You Get Paid to Go to School for Nutrition?

To get paid to go to school for nutrition, you can find a job working for someone in the field who is willing to cover the cost of your education. Similar to any apprenticeship, some organizations are willing to cover college expenses for employees who want to further their educations.

  1. Find a job in the nutrition field

    The types of job you will be able to find will depend on your current employment history, as well as your current education level. You may be able to work as an assistant to a nutritionist, as an apprentice, or even as a receptionist. Any opportunity to have to work in the field might be helpful.

  2. Show interest in the work and do a good job

    Once you are working in the field of nutrition, or as closely with those who are in the field as possible, you should take any opportunity available to learn about nutrition and the practitioners who work in the industry. This will show your employers that you are serious about moving forward in your career. Employers usually don't want to spend money on someone who doesn't show potential or a good work ethic.

  3. Ask about educational opportunities

    Ask your employer if there are any educational assistance programs offered by the company. Some establishments offer on the job training to move employees up the ladder, while others offer their employees tuition assistance or access to reimbursement programs. Some may even pay employees to attend school, with the promise that those workers will stay with the organization for a certain number of years after graduation.