How Do You Outline a Chapter?


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To outline a chapter, begin by highlighting the key points of information presented in the textbook, compile a list of bullet points of the main topics and write a thesis that summarizes the primary purpose of the chapter. The outline can be written in bullet points or a numbered list.

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When determining the primary points of a chapter, read through each paragraph thoroughly, and highlight key words or phrases that relate to the chapter's title. For example, if the chapter focuses on how to write an evaluation paper, highlight tips that detail the components of an evaluation essay, such as the claim, supporting examples and key questions to ask when evaluating the text.

Once the key information is highlighted, jot down these notes on a separate piece of paper in bullet points or sentence fragments. Analyze the most important elements as it pertains to the overall title or theme of the chapter, and eliminate any pieces of information that seem irrelevant or not as important.

Organize the bulleted information in a logical fashion to provide a summary of the topic, and write a thesis statement that captures the overall purpose of the chapter. After writing the thesis statement, list the remaining key points of information in a numbered or bulleted list with subpoints for more specific information.

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