How Do You Do an Outline in APA Style?


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To create an outline in APA style, first type the first six Roman numerals in a column on the far left side of the paper. Title the first numeral "Abstract," the second "Introduction," and the third "Method." Title the fourth numeral "Study," the fifth "Results," and then the sixth "Discussion." Under the "Method" section, press indent once and type new columns from A to D, with a period after each letter.

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Type subheadings in this section, with A as "Participants," B as "Design," C as "Materials" and D as "Procedure." Indent once under each of the other numerals and add the letter "A" with a period after it. Add more letters for each subheading that belongs in the column. For any extra information needed to explain or support the subheading, indent once and type the number "1" with a period after it. Add additional numbers for each point.

The subheadings are words, phrases or short sentences that express the specific ideas of each paragraph in a section. Add any additional Roman numerals for content required by the instructor or additional ideas touched on in the paper. Each section of the outline alternates between numbers and letters. Add an "a" under the number "1," if needed. Each heading in the outline must have a minimum of two subheadings.

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