How Do You Find Out the Meaning and Personality Behind a Name?

Several online resources provide insight into the meanings and personality characteristics behind names, including,, and The information provided depends on the website, but may include name origins, traditional meanings and numerology-based personality traits. invites visitors to enter their first names and genders to receive instant first name analyses. The report contains a short list of personality characteristics associated with the name. The website also offers a free name and birth date report with more detailed insight into the meanings behind various combinations of a person's name. A valid email address is required. explains how to find out the personality behind a name by evaluating the first letter, first vowel and last letter of it. The website offers an A-to-Z glossary of the personalities associated with each letter of the alphabet to provide visitors with insight into the meaning of their own names. allows visitors to search its name database by entering a name and gender on the homepage. The results include origin information, numerology numbers associated with the name, a personality analysis and possible career paths.

The simple search feature at only requires a first name. The report includes the name's origin, traditional meaning and popularity information, as well as a list of celebrities with the name, an acrostic with personality traits and a name poster.