How Do You Find Out the Meaning of Your Name?


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You can find the meaning of you name on BehindTheName.com, Names.org and Meaning-of-Names.com. Both sites allow you to search a specific name or browse through a list of names sorted by gender, culture of origin and first letter. BehindTheName.com even displays lists of names by meaning.

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In general, there are two components to finding the meaning of a given name. The first is the etymology of the name, or its literal meaning in the language or culture from which it originates. The second is the name's onomastic history. This refers to the origin of the name, the history of its use and common variations on the name.

Meaning-Of-Names.com provides an alphabetically organized dictionary of name meanings. Search for the meaning of a name by selecting the letter that the name starts with from the menu at the top of the home page. The sidebar menu also features options for searching for name meanings by gender or region. Additionally, this website features meanings of surnames.

To search for the meaning of a name with Names.org, type in the name in the search bar, and click the search button. This brings up a page of information about that particular name. In addition to the meaning of the name, this website provides information regarding the origin, popularity and alternate spellings of the name as well as information on the gender preference of the name.

Behind The Name allows users to search for name meanings alphabetically and by typing in a specific name into the search bar. It provides the meanings of French, German, English, Italian and Spanish names. It also provides Indian, African, biblical, Arabic and mythological name meanings.

BabyCenter offers a tool that provides the meaning and ranking of a name once the user types the name into the provided field. Users can also search for name suggestions by country of origin.

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