How Do You Organize a Preschool Curriculum Idea Exchange?


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To organize a preschool curriculum idea exchange, one needs to connect with other parents of preschoolers. Connecting with other parents can be done over social networking sites or through a church or neighborhood association. Once there is a group of interested parents, they simply need to find a time to meet and exchange curriculum ideas.

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Each parent should bring an activity, an idea or a full curriculum to the exchange. The organizer should let the parents know if they are going to be swapping curricula or just sharing ideas.

If parents are just sharing ideas, there are free preschool curriculum ideas online on sites like JumpStart. Alternatively, parents can write their own curriculum or create activities based on the educational themes that are important to them.

One popular idea is to exchange busy bags instead of curricula. A busy bag is a bag with a simple activity that is just right for a preschool student. For example, a busy bag may contain a color matching activity, dry erase sheets with mazes, activities with clothespins or sandpaper looms. Busy bags are easy to make, and parents should each make enough bags to share with the other parents. At the end of the exchange, parents leave with several different bags full of different preschool activities.

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