How Do You Order Lifetouch School Photos?

Schools typically send picture order forms home with students or mail them to students' homes before Lifetouch comes to take school pictures; parents can either return the completed order form and payment to the school or go to the Lifetouch website to order and pay for the pictures online. If parents pay for the pictures online, the parents will need to print a receipt for the child to bring on picture day for proof of purchase. Some schools let parents wait until the ordered pictures arrive before they have to decide to purchase them and make a payment.

When ordering portraits, parents can typically choose the type and color of background, the number of pictures and the size of the pictures in the package. Parents have more customization options for online orders; however, not all schools support the online ordering feature, notes Lifetouch. If parents want to order more pictures after they receive their first package, they can use the picture envelope's portrait identification and access codes to look up the order on the Lifetouch website and place a reorder.

In addition to ordering physical pictures, Lifetouch offers a compact disc with the pictures in various resolutions, and parents can print these pictures at home and share them with family members online.