What Are Some Options for Taking German Language Courses Online?

What Are Some Options for Taking German Language Courses Online?

Options for taking German online include self-guided study of speaking and grammar for all levels of proficiency, a mixture of self-guided study and interacting with native speakers in community discussions, and private study or group study with an actual instructor through an online interface. Babbel.com, Duolingo.com, LiveMocha.com and Lingoda.com are some sources of online German language courses.

Babbel.com combines images, words and sounds to provide students with a basic command of language skills. There are beginner and intermediate courses and business courses.

Endorsed by Apple and Google, Duolingo.com is a language instruction app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Lessons are brief, with each focusing on a handful of concepts that entail reading, listening, speaking, translation and multiple choice challenges. Users receive immediate grades, earn points or lose red hearts that signify lives.

The renowned language software company Rosetta Stone is behind LiveMocha.com, which connects language enthusiasts while providing demonstration, deconstruction and practice assignments in progressively challenging activity sets.

Each activity set represents a building block that leads to a learning outcome, with minimum proficiency being the ultimate objective. Along the way, users enjoy the benefit of conversation with native speakers from around the world who are LiveMocha.com members.

Lingoda.com is more of a traditional online language school, offering teacher-led courses in German. There are pre-recorded classes available around the clock, or 60-minute live classes with video and audio chat via Skype. Lingoda.com works with students who choose private study to customize each course. All teachers are native speakers and fluent in English. The cost of classes includes all learning materials.