What Are Some Options to Home School a High School Student?


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Some options to home school a high school student include enrolling the student in an accredited distance learning program or an online program that provides credit for courses passed. Co-op options for home schooling vary depending on state or region. Another option is to purchase an accredited curriculum and ensure the student completes all required courses to become eligible for a diploma.

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When home schooling a high school student, parents need to keep records of each class completed, as well as a grade point average for each subject. If the student is completing his work through an online program, the program keeps a transcript for all completed course work. Documentation and transcripts aid in meeting entrance requirements for other schools, universities or military service. Many public high schools reject home school credits unless there is a transcript from a nationally recognized program.

Parents should keep account of any textbooks used during the course of schooling, as well as the names of any instructors for each subject taken. If the student pursues extra-curricular courses, they need to ensure that records for the courses are complete, as any extra coursework counts toward overall grade averages, and often helps students when applying for college. Each student needs an attendance record, test scores and completed grades for each class undertaken. These all are instrumental in providing information for admissions representatives from colleges who review applications from home schooled students.

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