What Options Does Herff Jones Offer for School Class Ring Purchase?

What Options Does Herff Jones Offer for School Class Ring Purchase?

Herff Jones offers class rings for high school and college graduates in a variety of styles, finishes and metals. Customers also have a choice of engraving, stone color and cut, symbols and name style.

Herff Jones's website guides consumers in a four-step process to purchasing a class ring. The first step is to select a style of ring. As of 2016, a number of options for high school rings for guys and girls, in either classic or statement styles, are available. College students can select from traditional, signet, contemporary or fashion styles.

Selecting a metal, finish, and engraving is step two of the process. Herff Jones offers different types of gold, various alloys or Ultrium. Antique, natural or, for high school rings, stealth are finish choices. Different styles of engraving and symbols can be applied to the ring.

Simulated birthstones and other stones are selected in step three. Imperial, diamond, galaxy and smooth cuts are available. Students can also add a letter, number or symbol to their stone of choice.

The final step is to personalize the ring with "Pridesides" for high school rings and "Panels" for college rings, pictures depicting the wearer's interests, activities, passions and more.

Class rings can be designed on the company's website and paid for in full or through an interest-free payment plan. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty.