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As of 2015, ClassZone provides online textbooks for language arts, math, science, social studies and world languages courses at the middle school and high school level. Some example books include "McDougal Littell Literature" and "Math Course," science books such as "Earth Science" and "Chemistry," "American History" and "World History," and foreign language series such as "En Espanol!" and "Discovering French, Nouveau!"

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As of 2015, a user of the ClassZone website can select a particular subject of language arts, math, science, social studies or world languages, along with whether the book is at a middle school or high school level. A user can also select his geographic location.

In language arts, sample books are "McDougal Littell Literature," "The Language of Literature," "Language Network" and "World Literature." Many of these books have different versions for individual grade levels ranging from middle school through high school.

In math, sample books are "MathThematics," "McDougal Litttell Math Course," "Pre-Algebra," "Algebra 1," "Algebra 2" and "Geometry."

In science, sample books for middle schoolers are "Earth Science," "Life Science," "Physical Science" and "Integrated Course" 1 through 3. Books for high schoolers include "Biology", "World of Chemistry" and "Earth Science."

Social studies books for middle schoolers include "American History," "World Cultures & Geography," "World History" and "Creating America." Some additional books for high schoolers include "Economics," "The Americans," "Ancient World History," "Modern World History" and "World Geography."

Some world languages books for middle schoolers include level 1 versions of "Avencemos," "Discovering French, Nouveau!" "En espanol!" and "Auf Deutsch." For high schoolers, "Avencemos" and "En espanol!" go up through level 4, and "Discovering French, Nouveau!" and "Auf Deutsch" go up through level 3. Some other language books for high schoolers include "Abriendo puertas: Lenguaje," "Tu mundo," "Nuestro mundo" and "Dime."

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