What Are Some Online Sources for Dialysis Technician Training?


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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Learn.org and Triton College provide online resources for dialysis technician training, according to their websites. InnerBody.com also provides online access to a list of schools offering training, education requirements, the typical work-life balance of a dialysis technician and overall job outlooks, including salary information and career advancement opportunities.

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The CDC offers a continuing education course for dialysis safety that covers infections patients can contract from dialysis and methods of controlling the infection. This course gives recommendations for infection control for outpatient hemodialysis health care workers and tips on how to educate patients, states the CDC.

Triton College provides online access to review and enroll in classes for continuing education in the health care field, including a technician certificate program for those entering the dialysis field, explains its website. As of 2015, this school partners with the Loyola University Health System. The course focuses on principles of dialysis; the operating of dialysis equipment including alternative procedures; how to address complications; and patient communication.

Learn.org offers a resource to find online classes for dialysis technicians filtered by location, desired degree level and subject, including dialysis and renal technology. These classes cover the history of dialysis, legal ramifications of dialysis and the urinary system organs, states Learn.org. They also address kidney functions, types of kidney failure and hemodialysis principles. Some classes also discuss providing long-term nursing care and how to control infections.

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