What Are Some Free Online Shorthand Courses?

As of 2015, some free shorthand courses and tutorials are "Learn Shorthand" from the National Shorthand School and "Teeline Shorthand Tutorial" from Goldsmiths, University of London, notes Study.com. Those interested in learning Gregg Shorthand can download free copies of the "1916 Gregg Shorthand Manual" and "Word and Sentence Drills for Gregg Shorthand" to an e-reader or as a PDF file from the Internet Archive.

Shorthand is a rapid handwriting system used by stenographers. There are several different shorthand systems including Gregg, which was developed in 1888; Pitman, which was developed in 1837 and Teeline, which was developed in 1968.

As of 2015, the National Shorthand School offers 26 online lessons for free to those interested in learning the Pitman form of shorthand. The lessons offer an overview of consonants and vowels, plus techniques to get students up to a speed of 50 words per minute. It can take from two to six months to complete the lessons, notes Study.com.

Those interested in the Teeline method can find a free course that Goldsmiths, University of London designed for graduate journalism students. This tutorial offers 11 audio transcripts that can be used to practice the different techniques used in the Teeline system. Each transcript comes with graphic representations so students can check their work.