What Online Services Offer Free Diploma Courses?

Online services that offer free diploma courses include Alison, MIT Open Courseware, edX and the Open Education Database. These online platforms provide resources to help students develop skills and acquire certification necessary for the workplace.

Alison offers diploma-level courses in a variety of professional subjects including business management, human resources, customer service and patient care. Users sign up to enroll and search for most popular or recent courses. Alison provides these courses in the form of modules and course resources.

EdX is a joint partnership between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University to offer online classes to people around the world. Each course comprises of video lessons, student-paced learning and embedded testing. Students can browse available courses by subject, availability, level or language. They can also meet the course instructors and provide registration information to enroll.

OEDB offers a detailed description of each diploma course and the certification requirements. The platform provides course features including duration, minimum grades and assessment method. At OEDB.org, students can search courses by selecting a degree level, category and subject, or browse all courses by topic. Courses on this platform are from the University of Michigan, John Hopkins University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.