Which Online Schools Specialize in Electrical Engineering?

Which Online Schools Specialize in Electrical Engineering?

University of North Dakota, DeVry University and Iowa State University offer online degrees in electrical engineering as of 2015. Drexel University and Ohio University also offer electrical engineering programs.

To get a Bachelor of Science degree from University of North Dakota, students have to complete 136 credits. The online program emphasizes critical thinking, creativity and communication skills. It teaches students how to devise solutions for open-ended engineering design problems. It prepares students for careers in various industries, including education, telecommunications and manufacturing.

DeVry University requires graduate students to complete 12 core hours, six elective hours, six breadth elective hours and nine computer systems concentration-specific hours. The program focuses on advanced technical and professional skills that qualify graduates for senior positions in electrical engineering careers. The program also prepares students to develop practical solutions to engineering problems.

Electrical engineering students at Iowa State University can choose communications and signal processing, electric power and energy systems, or systems and controls as their areas of specialty. To earn degrees, students have to complete at least 30 credit hours of coursework.

Drexel University offers master’s degrees in electrical engineering online. The program equips students with the skills they need to understand and develop new technologies in the electrical engineering field.

Ohio University’s Master of Science in Electrical Engineering program teaches students how to design, create and evaluate electrical and electronic systems for various applications.