What Online Resources Does the University of Southern California Offer?

What Online Resources Does the University of Southern California Offer?

The University of Southern California website serves as a hub of the school's online resources, which include general information, help and administration links. The school's resources include information for students, alumni, parents and faculty, in addition to community and media resources.

Students can access many aspects of their academic life via the USC website. For example, they can apply for admission to both the undergraduate and graduate schools and apply for financial aid. The financial aid page includes useful resources such as a net price calculator for aid, tips for aid, document submission and links for contacting financial aid help.

Students can also access information about every degree program available at USC. Each program has its own website with articles and information about the degree. Through each website, students can also access their class pages where professors upload different resources and links.

The student affairs link offers many resources related to student life and wellness. For example, students can find out about wellness programs on campus as well as information about the health center. Students can also sign up to get involved in cultural, leadership and other campus activities.

USC also offers resources for the media related to the school. Under the press room tab, journalists can access field experts, news releases and articles about the university.