Are There Any Online Resources to Teach Spanish to Children?

Are There Any Online Resources to Teach Spanish to Children?

There are many free and paid online resources to teach Spanish to children. For example, 123 Teach me - Spanish for kids offers a number of games that help children learn Spanish. They include click-and-say alphabet, numbers and colors, vocabulary games, flash cards and music videos. El Perro y El Gato is a YouTube channel about a cat and a dog that teach children Spanish words.

Mommy Maestra is a blog with many teaching resources and tips, including bilingual worksheets and puzzles, coloring pages, booklists and reading logs.

Spanish Playground is a large resource where visitors can find Spanish books, games, jokes, songs, vocabulary, videos and poems. There are also some printable materials, questions for kids, pictures and information about Spanish holidays and culture.

Online Free Spanish offers free interactive Spanish lessons divided into three levels, plus an extra level about holidays and celebrations. The information is also divided into categories.

Spanish 411 is a website that offers Spanish lessons, vocabulary, a verb conjugator and a dictionary. Users can also find a lot of printable materials, including Spanish conversation starters, a Spanish history timeline, maps of Spain at different times in history, a Spanish verb chart and materials for games in Spanish.