What Are Some Online Resources for Practicing Long Division?


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Students can practice long division by playing games online at KidsNumbers.com, by taking a long division lesson at CoolMath4Kids.com or by downloading and printing worksheets from MathIsFun. All three websites allow students to choose the highest number with which they would like to practice.

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KidsNumbers.com has several online division games. Students practice long division in Snork's Long Division Game by teaching a monster named Snork how to do long division. Snork acts amazed as students complete each step of long division problems. Students type answers in the provided box. Other division practice games include timed division practice and division flash cards.

CoolMath4Kids.com has an online long division lesson and a game to play for students to practice their long division skills. The website reminds students that, although long division has several steps, each step is easy math. Long division requires students to do division, multiplication and subtraction all in the same math problem. Students should be proficient at multiplication tables before learning long division. The online lesson shows several long division examples with each step explained followed by practice problems. The Number Monster for Long Division game generates long division problems with various levels of difficulty.

The worksheets at MathIsFun provide students with a variety of levels of division with or without remainders. Students can choose divisors between two and 199.

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