What Are Some Online Resources for Learning German?

What Are Some Online Resources for Learning German?

Some online resources for learning German include Omniglot, Goethe Institut, Fluent in 3 Months, Open Culture and BBC. All of these resources are free to access and often include links to other websites and resources.

Omniglot is an online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. Instead of providing original content, it acts as a portal to more than 50 other online resources, including recordings of German language radio broadcasts, sites focusing on German verbs and grammar, flashcards, reading materials and dictionaries.

Goethe Institut contains a wealth of original content quizzes; lessons oriented toward travel, the environment and the work place; as well as links to language-learning mobile apps. The BBC's website features original content as well as links to valuable resources including German-language TV, radio and news.

Open Culture is another portal with links primarily to German-language podcasts and free iTunes resources. Content links include the Foreign Service Institute's German courses, GermanPod 101, Deutsch Interaktiv and Radio D. Many of Open Culture's links are oriented toward beginning learners.

Fluent in 3 Months is a portal with a many resources for German-language students of all levels. Links include full courses, such as CoffeeBreak German and GermanPod101. Another tool the website features is Italki, a language exchange program that connects learners with German native speakers.