What Are Some of the Online Programs That South University Offers?

South University in Savannah, Georgia, offers online undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees among its degree options. Online degrees are available in the fields of business administration, public administration, family nurse practitioner, information technology and information systems. Select accelerated programs, such as an MBA in Healthcare Administration, are also available.

The online undergraduate program includes a Business Administration Bachelor of Business Administration, Psychology Bachelor of Arts and Criminal Justice Bachelor of Science. The first prepares students to enter the business world. Managerial Communications, Dynamic Decision Making and Leadership are among the courses in the program. The psychology degree offers general, behavioral health, and experiment concentrations. Criminal Justice students study corrections, police courts and similar topics.

Graduate degrees are available in Accounting and Public Administration. Accounting, auditing and taxation are the among the topics in the Master of Science in Accounting. Students who complete the program can take the Certified Public Accounting Examination. The Public Administration Master of Public Administration degree considers budget creation and maintenance for political and social entities and the ethical dimensions of public administration decisions.

Doctoral programs include the Doctor of Nursing Practice, which combines high-level nursing practice with leadership training and inquiry. The program also requires on-site practice.