What Online Programs Does Riverside Community College Offer?

What Online Programs Does Riverside Community College Offer?

As of 2016, Riverside Community College offers study programs online through its Open Campus in the fields of accounting, American sign language, computer information systems, game development and manufacturing technologies. Students can take classes on their own, or combine them with on-campus instruction through hybrid or web-enhanced classes.

Students can view Riverside Community College's Open Campus catalog online for current classes. Class entries include professor names, course descriptions and lists of prerequisites.

2016 online classes in the accounting field from Riverside Community College's Open Campus include Principles of Accounting I, Principles of Accounting II and Non-Profit/Government Accounting. These courses introduce students to the science of accounting and information systems. The American sign language field includes a course entitled American Deaf Culture, which facilitates an understanding and appreciation of the deaf community's contribution to culture.

The computer information systems section of the catalog includes Introduction to Computer Information Systems, Computer Applications for Businesses and Introduction to Web Page Creation among its online offerings. Introduction to Game Programming teaches fundamental programming concepts and offers hands-on experience with developing games.

Online manufacturing technology courses teach students topics such as OSHA standards, procedures and policies in the manufacturing technology industry, as well as general standards.