What Are Some Online Programs Berkeley College Offers?

What Are Some Online Programs Berkeley College Offers?

Berkeley College offers various online programs including law and business. Students can complete their assignments at their own pace. They can also access tutoring, online clubs and career services online.

Berkeley College offers a legal studies program online. Students can take a variety of courses, including introduction to law, legal ethics and civil litigation. The program prepares participants for careers in legal support services, compliance offices and other law-related professions. The program is also appropriate for students who are considering law school. The courses help students develop critical reasoning, research and analysis skills.

The bachelor’s degree program allows students to focus on elder care law, business or legal administration. Students learn how to identify and analyze legal issues. They also learn how to prepare legal documents including forms, pleadings and contracts. The program requires participants to take a course on alternative dispute resolution. The course covers the advantages and disadvantages of alternative dispute resolution over litigation.

Students also have to take a course on real property law. This course teaches topics related to the ownership and transfer of property. It also covers insurance, mortgages and foreclosures.

Berkeley College’s school of business offers both associate and bachelor degrees. Students can complete a degree in accounting, fashion merchandising or financial services. They can earn an associate or bachelor degree in international business or they can minor in it. They can take general business or information technology management courses. The school also offers degrees in marketing communications.