What Are Some Online Oncology Certification Courses?

What Are Some Online Oncology Certification Courses?

As of 2015, online oncology certification courses are offered by a number of universities, including the University of Southern Indiana, the University of Pennsylvania, McGill University and Loyola University Chicago. The University of Southern Indiana's Oncology Certificate Program is an eight-week, 50-hour continuing education program that focuses on a variety of topics related to cancer, such as prevention and screening, diagnosis, symptom management, cancer therapies and the biology of the disease.

The certification program is open to nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, physicians and other health care professionals who work with patients requiring oncological care.

The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing offers an Adult Oncology Specialty Minor/Post-Master's Certification program, which has been offered online since 2013. Students enrolling in this program must complete three courses, with the last course in the program requiring the student to perform a number of hours of clinical practice.

Loyola University Chicago's Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing's online certification program in oncology nursing features four courses: Cancer Genomics; Cancer: Supportive Care and Symptom Management; Cancer Pathophysiology and Disease Management; and Palliative Care. Students must possess a bachelor's degree in nursing and have experience in an oncology nursing practice area in order to enroll in this program.

The online oncology certification program offered by McGill University is accredited by the Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education. This program requires students to complete two courses, Oncology I and Oncology II, which can be taken concurrently even though Oncology I is technically a prerequisite for Oncology II.