What Online Ministries Are Offered by Creighton University?


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Online ministries offered by Creighton University include Daily Reflections, which represent daily scripture readings that reflect upon the teachings of the Jesuit Catholic approach, and an Online Retreat ministry, involving spiritual exercises of developing intimacy with God. The Stations of the Cross ministry incorporates prayers and imaginative exercises that follow the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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The staff of the University writes pieces that reflect on the daily scripture readings. Examples include "The Season of Wait" by Joan Blandin Howard that describes waiting as a rich experience filled with blessings relating it to the period around the birth of Jesus Christ. "Feast of the Holy Innocents" relates the killing of baby boys in the scriptures to present-day abortions and mentions some solutions that can stop these actions.

The 34-week retreat allows followers to experience it in groups or as individuals. Creighton University provides guides that contain themes, prayers and resources for the weeks that help in developing a continuous relationship with God. Those in groups benefit by sharing their experiences after every two weeks; they hold each member accountable to remain faithful to the retreat. Besides receiving spiritual freedom, the retreat helps followers develop courage when confronted with difficulties.

The 14 Stations of the Cross require followers to view images that relate to the descriptions of the stations scenes and then meditate on the provided prayers and meanings of the stations. These exercises relate the sufferings of Jesus Christ to present-day experiences, thus helping followers understand different life problems and express gratitude to God.

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