What Are Some Online Medical Certifications?

What Are Some Online Medical Certifications?

Online medical certifications exist for medical administrative assistant, medical billing, medical auditing, dental assistant and phlebotomy technician positions. Certifications also exist for instructors of medical certification classes.

Industry associations and continuing education extension divisions within universities are potential sources of online medical certification courses and exams. The American Academy of Professional Coders, which is the largest association of medical coders, billing professionals and auditors in the nation, offers online certifications in medical compliance and physician practice management.

Similarly, an internationally recognized medical certification agency, American Medical Technologists, offers online medical certification for prospective medical technologists and medical laboratory assistants. Some certifications, such as the Allied Health Instructor certification, require no prerequisite exam, and they instead require only an application, a fee and annual dues to maintain the certification.

The dental assistant certification entails several eligibility routes, including education, military or work experience. Applicants must first graduate from an accredited dental assistant program, complete a military dental assistant program or work as a dental assistant for a minimum of three years.

Only applicants who meet these criteria in addition to possessing certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation may apply to take exams for the appropriate AMT dental assistant certification. As of 2015, there are approximately 17 types, including international certifications.

The University of California at Riverside has a complete online professional study program. The medical administrative assistant training program prepares candidates to sit for the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant exam.