Is Online Math Teaching Effective?


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First In Math and DreamBox Learning are two online math teaching programs that have had success in classrooms across the United States. The websites of these two programs publish success stories from school district leaders, school teachers and students that illustrate the effectiveness of their online math programs.

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Is Online Math Teaching Effective?
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Factors that contribute to First in Math's effectiveness include interactive digital content to engage the student's interest, positive reinforcement for good performance, content that complements different standard math curricula and the program's signature Deep Practice component. The Deep Practice feature focuses the student on one problem area to the exclusion of other material and has the student practice those problems until mastery is achieved.

DreamBox Learning contributes to math success in the classroom by utilizing adaptive and personalized technology, interactive games and activities and by focusing on mastering skills before progressing. The program automatically detects the student's abilities and skills and customizes the succeeding lessons based on those abilities and skills. As the program is individualized, this means that students in a classroom can work on her own material, with slower learners given the opportunity to practice problem areas and faster progressing students being able to move on to more advanced material.

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