How Is Online Learning Used When Homeschooling Kids?


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Online learning offers the ability for children to access webinars, seminars, teachers, educational activities and testing while being homeschooled. Parents may also use online learning as a way to find new teaching materials and techniques.

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Online learning offers homeschooled students several opportunities. A key opportunity is the ability to access teachers from around the world for tutoring and additional exposure to current topics. These teachers may offer a simple class, webinar or a full certification in specific subjects or trades. Parents may also find online learning opportunities for their homeschooled student with learning disabilities such as Asperger’s.

Worksheets and printables are another way online learning can be used in homeschooling. There are sites, like the Homeschooling Community, that offer printables and links to free worksheets and curriculum planning. These resources may be beneficial to parents who are new to homeschooling and may not be sure what style of teaching works best for their children.

Online learning is also used by several states, including Florida, as an effort to keep children in school. Children who have issues with discipline, illnesses or who face teen pregnancy may be at risk for dropping out of school. Online learning offers the chance for them to obtain their education while dealing with their personal and emotional issues.

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