Is Free Online Homework Help As Beneficial As Paid Tutoring?

The content in free online educational aids, such as those from Khan Academy, can be as good as tutoring, but students miss out on the special benefits of tutoring. These benefits include an individualized learning approach, improving personal growth, fostering good study habits outside of the classroom, and improving social skills.

The key difference between online education help and tutoring is the personal dimension. Tutors provide students with a live source of help that can adapt to individual student needs. In contrast to many online education programs, an in-person tutor can identify a student's strong and weak points and focus on the problem spots

The student also learns how to create good study habits, since the individual and the tutor usually agree on set study times. This helps the student to set aside time to prepare for courses, and also helps the individual learn to pace class preparation. Tutoring improves social skills that are useful in a classroom setting, as the student must interact with a live teacher and actively contribute to the learning process. Tutoring helps improve personal growth in other less direct ways, such as by giving students a constructive activity after school hours, allowing them to make wise use of their time.