How Do You Find Online High School Classes?

Individuals can find online high school classes by checking with colleges and universities offering high school programs and both online public and private school programs for course options. Connections Academy, Stanford University and James Madison High School are three options with both complete high school programs and individual courses.

Connections Academy offers students the ability to complete their high school diplomas entirely online, or they can take individual courses that their local high schools approve for credit. Some options available include Advanced Placement, honors, core and elective courses. The school provides students with learning coaches and access to certified teachers, along with help preparing for college.

Individuals can search for online high school programs from colleges and universities such as Stanford University, which offers a full-time high school program designed to prepare students for college and focuses on the students' interests. Students can choose from online high school courses that include precalculus, Chinese language, U. S. history, Advanced Placement chemistry, linear algebra, biology and the history of science, for example. Many courses are Advanced Placement or honors level.

Finally, individuals can look for entirely online high schools such as James Madison High school, which offers individual courses and two diploma options. The courses are suitable for those needing to attend summer school, homeschoolers and others missing credits for graduation. Business, math, English, science, life skills, foreign language and social studies courses are offered.