What Are Some Free Online Grammar Classes?

English Grammar 101, Alison and Learn-English-Today.com are all sources of free online grammar classes and tutorials. Learn-English-Today.com requires no account to take advantage of its services whereas English Grammar 101 and Alison only allow members with a free account to take advantage of grammar courses.

English Grammar 101 offers 14 main course modules on the basic to the most complicated rules of grammar, such as nouns, verbs, sentence parts, clauses and punctuation. Each module begins with a pre-test to determine a student's initial proficiency and ends with a post-test to gauge his retention.

Alison offers several free online grammar courses, some of which focus on expanding the user's knowledge base and improving writing skills, and some of which culminate with an Alison diploma. Prospective users can sign up and create an account with an email and a password or by logging in using an existing social media account. Alison's grammar courses range from three to 20 hours long and are a mixture of written instruction, writing exercises and video tutorials grouped by relevance into five or more brief modules. Intermittent assessments between modules help to keep students on track with learning objectives.

Learn-English-Today.com is an online primer in English grammar primarily geared toward students of classes in English as a Second Language and English as a Foreign Language. Approximately 75 modules cover verb tenses, conditional and future structures, irregular verb usage, vocabulary and general usage. Each module has its own corresponding online and printable exercises, and there are online exams and quizzes as well, as of 2015.