What Are Online GED Programs?


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Online GED programs are programs that allow individuals to study for and obtain their GEDs online instead of by attending classroom sessions. There are multiple different online GED programs for individuals to choose from, and each typically allows students to study at their own pace.

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The GED Testing Service is an organization that offers a comprehensive GED study program and a practice test known as GED Ready. This test focuses on giving students an idea of how they will perform on the actual GED exam. Scores are available the same day, and it is designed to imitate the experience of taking the actual GED. However, the test requires only 45 minutes to complete, which is half the time of the actual exam. GED Ready is available in both English and Spanish, and it can be customized to include all four parts of the test or individual sections.

The online GED program offered by MyGED is administered through the official GED website, and it allows students to complete their GED in as little as three months. Study materials and practice tests are available for smart phones and tablets as well as through a standard computer. The program also offers pay-as-you-go rates and discounts on retakes and study materials to help decrease the costs associated with obtaining a GED.

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