Are There Online Essay Writing Websites That Are Automated?


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The Auto Writer at DrAssignment.com automatically writes assignments, essays, articles and research papers with cited bibliographies. The site user enters an assignment question and keywords and can opt to include word limits, and then the Auto Writer generates a unique article. Users can rewrite or rearrange paragraphs to avoid plagiarism.

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The Dr Assignment Auto Writer is a subscription based software. As of 2015, the subscription pricing is $19.99 per month, $99.99 per year or $149.99 for lifetime access.

LongEssays.com is a free but much more basic automatic essay writer that generates a short essay after the user types in a topic.TheEasyEssay.com is a free to use automated information organization program that helps generate an essay after the user inputs information. However, the Easy Essay requires the user to answer prompted questions and may take some basic research on the user's part. Essentially, it is a tool that helps users communicate their essay ideas in a logical manner through an automated organization process.

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