What Are Some Free Online Encyclopedias?

What Are Some Free Online Encyclopedias?

Scholarpedia, The Encyclopedia Mythica, The World Digital Library, Encyclopedia.com, Bartleby.com and Wikipedia.org are examples of free, online encyclopedias. The articles and materials on these websites cover various topics and include visual references.

Scholarpedia is an open-access encyclopedia of scholarly articles. It is a Wiki and allows users to suggest revisions on its content. Authors of new articles require sponsorship by others to ensure the credibility of their research and writing, and upon sponsorship, a minimum of two scholars review the new article. The editing board includes the curator, who is the most practiced scholar. Readers can cite the information on this website for academic and professional purposes.

The Encyclopedia Mythica consists of information on mythology, folklore and religion. Readers can browse mythology by continent, and the folklore section is separated into Arthurian tales, general folklore and folktales. The site also boasts visual references. Popular topics include Greek, Roman, Norse and Celtic mythology.

The World Digital Library is a project created through UNESCO and the U.S. Library of Congress. It presents primary materials including newspaper articles, photographs, audio recordings, maps and manuscripts on various topics. Readers can search based on language, institution, medium, geographical location or time period. Materials include explanations in seven languages including Arabic and Spanish.

Encyclopedia.com offers resources from published sources, such as Oxford University Press, and has up to 200,000 entries from different sources as of 2016.

Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia that is editable by any person and offers more than 35 million articles in 250 languages, with over five million articles in English. It covers different topics and categories including politics, technology, science, history and biographies.

Bartleby.com offers researchers and students access to resources and books, covering fiction and nonfiction information.