What Are Some Online Educational Activities?

What Are Some Online Educational Activities?

Online educational activities are typically games or drills geared toward elementary and middle school students. They cover subjects such as math, reading, science, social studies and critical thinking skills, among others.

As of 2015, FunBrain.com features arcade games for practicing math and reading skills. The activities are suitable for younger children. For instance, math baseball encourages students to solve math problems in order to get hits and runs in a simulated baseball game.

ABCya.com offers several games and applications for students in elementary school. The games allow students to practice their math, language arts and computer skills. One example is Treasure Hunt, a game for students in fourth or fifth grade. The aim of the game is for students to practice their longitude and latitude skills. The website also includes applications for counting money, solving math problems and spelling.

JumpStart.com offers games and activities appropriate for students all the way until eighth grade. Many subjects are available. The site also offers activities for writing stories, studying words, practicing statistics or managing money.

KnowledgeAdventure.com also offers games and activities for students in both elementary and middle schools. The games include older subjects such as algebra, pre-calculus and geometry.

BrainBoosters.com is part of the Discovery Education program. The activities encourage students to practice skills related to categorization, lateral thinking, logic, math, reasoning, spatial awareness and words.