What Are Some Online Degrees Offered by Ashworth University?

What Are Some Online Degrees Offered by Ashworth University?

Online degree programs Ashworth College offers include business administration, early childhood education, human resource management and psychology. It also has programs to earn professional certification to become a wedding planner, travel agent and pharmacy technician. Diplomas are available in areas such as writing children's books, personal financial planning and landscape design.

With the option of earning a bachelor's and master's degree in business administration, Ashworth College teaches how to merge marketing, management, accounting and financial concepts. Students complete learning through online coursework and textbooks, with academic support available through email, phone and online.

Students can obtain an associate or bachelor's degree in early childhood education at Ashworth College. The bachelor of science in early childhood education program imparts instruction for teaching and supervising children from birth to age 8. Specialty courses offered include early childhood literacy, child development, curriculum development, cultural diversity and exceptional children.

The master's of science in human resources management program encompasses an orientation and 12 courses. Emphasis is on performance competency and affective development. The undergraduate program includes career-centered electives and fundamental coursework.

The children's book writing program teaches how to create marketable stories for different age groups. A published author provides the capstone of a critique.