What Are Some Online Curriculum Programs for Homeschooling?

What Are Some Online Curriculum Programs for Homeschooling?

CalvertEducation.com, Liberty University Online Academy and K12.com are all sources of online curriculum programs for homeschooling. Calvert and Liberty University are accredited, so each issues accredited diplomas to students who successfully complete all required coursework.

K12.com offers approximately 170 courses in its homeschooling programs, teacher support, online workshops to support and inform parents, clubs and online community activities for students, and a direct phone number for parents to speak with support representatives.

Parents can enroll children in online public school via K12.com and homeschool in this manner, or parents can order course material from K12.com and supervise homeschooling themselves.

Calvert Education combines textbooks and online learning to support those who are homeschooling. Its website is an online virtual school and also serves as the hub through which homeschoolers access the virtual aspect of a chosen curriculum template.

The three main curriculum templates are Calvert classic independent learning, Classic with Advisory Teaching from Calvert's academic support team and a private online school called Calvert Academy, which only covers grades five to 10, as of 2015. Calvert supplies all curriculum, learning materials and other resources through its secure virtual school store.

Liberty University Online Academy provides the option of enrolling children in an online curriculum that parents administer at home, with online support, guidance and access to resources. There is a dual enrollment option for high school juniors and seniors, which entails earning transferable college credits before graduation.