How Do You Take Online Courses Through ALISON?

Taking an online course through ALISON involves enrolling in the course and passing all assessments, notes ALISON. After completing a course, the student can request an official certificate by mail or download proof of completion from the ALISON website.

Use the following process to take and complete an online course through ALISON.

  1. Select a course
  2. Browse the course selection on ALISON's website to find one to take. The site offers courses that lead to either a certificate or diploma and are in subjects like business, technology, psychology, driver's training, customer service and study skills. Courses are available in several major languages as well.

  3. Enroll in the course
  4. When on a course's page, use the "Start Course" button to begin enrollment. This requires either an existing or new ALISON account, so either log in or follow the steps for account creation to enroll.

  5. Complete the course
  6. Access the online course and go through its modules and complete the assessments when prompted. Students can work at their own pace, and assessment retakes are allowed until students achieve at least 80 percent on all assessments.

ALISON estimates that a certificate course takes up to 2 hours to complete while a diploma course usually can take up to 11 hours. The online training company does offer some longer courses.