What Are Some Online Courses Offered by Unisa?

What Are Some Online Courses Offered by Unisa?

Online courses from the University of South Africa include Practical Guidelines in Building Stakeholder Relations and Information Technology in Electronic-Commerce. Robotics in Education and Community Asset Mapping for Change are online courses as well. The courses are part of Unisa’s Short Learning Programmes.

Practical Guidelines in Building Stakeholder Relations is a course on principles of managing stakeholder relations. The course follows guidelines from the King III Corporate Governance report. It includes topics on theoretical basis and stakeholder relationship management plan that explain stakeholder terminology and provide guidelines for implementing plans. The course requires applicants with tertiary qualifications, and those with senior certificates and experience from related fields.

Information Technology in Electronic-Commerce explores the techniques used in generating commerce interfaces that can work on the Web. Students learn about electronic payment systems and business plans for implementing electronic commerce. Requirements include having basic knowledge of the Internet and Microsoft Windows operating system. Individuals with senior certificates or equivalent can apply for the course.

Educators of robotics classes can take the Robotics in Education course. The course equips them with skills and knowledge of teaching robotics. They learn about robotic components, programming concepts and engineering structures in robotics. The course requires applicants to have senior certificates, computer skills and Internet access.

Community Asset Mapping for Change focuses on tools that help organizations manage community developments. Students learn about philanthropy, asset mapping methods and responsibilities of stakeholders.