What Online Courses Are Offered Through the Evolve Portal?

As of June 2015, online training courses offered through the Evolve portal include HIPAA compliance courses, infection control courses, Medicare compliance and employment law. The portal also offers OSHA safety courses and employee management development courses.

The health insurance portability and accountability act courses, or HIPAA courses, equip employees with the appropriate knowledge and skills to be HIPAA-compliant. They not only provide the basis for understanding HIPAA privacy and security regulations, but also the requirements of the omnibus final rule.

The OSHA health care courses train employees on working safely to minimize injuries as well as to reduce lost work time. The infection control courses equip employees with knowledge and skills to keep health care-associated infections at a minimum and to increase patient safety.

The Medicare compliance course is designed to assist employers and employees in identifying and preventing fraud and abuse, especially against federal government health care programs. An example of an objective covered is how to identify elements of a health care fraud.

Courses on employment law cover the requirements and implementation of law in the workplace. They cover how to handle specific situations such as absenteeism and sexual harassment.

The employee management development courses give steps and instructions on how to improve performance of employees, hence improving the overall results of an organization.