How Do You Take Online Courses at Ivy Tech?

Students can apply online or with a paper application to take online courses or seek a fully online or blended online/on-campus degree at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana. Students take online courses via the browser-based Blackboard learning management system.

Students can use Blackboard on a computer or mobile device. They use its interface to view course announcements and course materials such as the syllabus, texts, articles, videos and assignments. They can attend instructor-led class sessions and peer meetings, interact via a discussion board, upload completed work and take exams. Blackboard auto-grades some assessments and tracks student performance in the course gradebook. Instructors interact with students in online sessions and via instant messages, email and phone.

Ivy Tech offers self-paced online courses as well as courses that adhere to a schedule. Over 350 courses are available online. Online degree programs include business administration, computer science, criminal justice, general studies and manufacturing production and operations. Ivy Tech's three blended programs, which have both online and on-site or internship components, are early childhood education, human services and paralegal studies.

Ivy Tech offers an online course readiness assessment through SmarterMeasure for students who are unsure whether online study is right for them. SmarterMeasure also provides resources to help students succeed. Once a student enrolls in an online course, tech support is available via phone or by filing a ticket online.