What Are Some Online Courses Hillsdale College Offers?


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As of 2015, some of Hillsdale College's online courses include those on economics, the Constitution, history, great books, Winston Churchill and kindergarten through 12th grade education, notes Hillsdale.edu. These classes are generally about government topics and utilize videos; they are free for anybody to take and do not lead to any college credits.

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Hillsdale College's economics course is about the principles of a free market and includes discussion on the 2008 financial crisis. The school's courses on great books, on the other hand, cover either ancient-to-medieval or Renaissance-to-modern works, and they integrate government principles and virtues into the studies of these works. The school's online education course teaches the theory and practice of kindergarten through 12th grade education with an emphasis on free government and morality.

The school's multiple courses on the Constitution as of 2015 include options focusing on bureaucratic despotism, an introduction to understanding the Constitution, the history and meaning of the document, the Federalist Papers and how the Constitution affects the meaning of the presidency. The school's general history courses discuss history from Genesis to John Locke (with a focus on Judeo-Christian heritage) and from the Colonial Settlement to the Reagan Revolution.

Finally, the Winston Churchill course discusses statesmanship and how Churchill applied principles of statesmanship during World War II.

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