What Are Some Online Courses in Food Science?


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Washington State University's online food science courses include Food Biosecurity, Food Safety and Quality, Food Chemical Safety and Introduction to Food Science. Kansas State University offers Fundamentals of Food Processing and Kosher and Halal Food Regulations. The University of Illinois has a course titled Food Science and Human Nutrition.

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Washington State University's Food Biosecurity course examines the potential risks of bioterrorism in relation to food products, and it helps students learn how to develop food security plans and identify biological agents and toxins. Food Safety and Quality focuses on regulation and safety, especially in regards to microbiological, chemical and physical risks to food products. Food chemical safety teaches chemical safety around food, whereas Introduction to Food Processing and Introduction to Food Science are two introductory courses for those going into food service positions.

Kansas State University provides a similar course with its Fundamentals of Food Processing but also has a specialized class in Kosher and Halal Food Regulations. This course examines dietary regulations of the Jewish and Muslim traditions in relation to food processing, and it introduces students to Hebrew, Yiddish and Arabic words and phrases related to food preparation.

The University of Illinois's Food Science and Human Nutrition course looks at the relationship between food and health.

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