How Do You Take Free Online Courses?

How Do You Take Free Online Courses?

To take free online courses, first determine the course topic desired and then visit a corresponding web site and search for the appropriate course; follow the online joining instructions once you have found the right course for you. Courses are available for participants of all levels and professions.

  1. Determine a desired course topic

    Choose a course that piques your interest. In many instances, top universities around the world offer free online courses on a variety of topics ranging from computer programming to guitar lessons. Decide on a specific area of study, and then search for a free online course.

  2. Visit the corresponding web site

    If looking for a free online course offered by a university, visit the official university web site. However, many courses are offered through additional platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, and edX. These platforms offer thousands of courses that provide detailed syllabi, lecture videos, and practice problems.

  3. Search for an appropriate course

    University web sites and online platforms have search functions to assist with specific course inquiries. Utilizing search functions also helps to find further details about the desired course: hours required to complete the course, difficulty level, and supplemental readings, for example. Feedback from previous course members can also help determine if the course is appropriate for you.

  4. Apply for the course

    Once you have found the course you want to take, follow the online joining instructions carefully to gain a place.