What Are Some Online Courses You Can Take on Coursera?

Some online courses offered by Coursera are Roman Architecture, Introduction to Philosophy, Conflict Management, Genomic Data Science, Python for Everyone and Introduction to Physical Chemistry as of October 2015, notes Coursera.org. These are a few of the hundreds of courses found in different specializations in fields such as business, arts and humanities, computer science, social science, physical science, engineering and life sciences on the Coursera website.

Coursera provides an educational platform that offers online courses from recognized universities from around the world. Some universities and colleges that are partnered with Coursera include Caltech, University of Virginia, Yale, University of Tokyo, University of Melbourne, Duke University and Columbia University. There are over 1,400 courses offered through Coursera by many of its 133 partners as of 2015.

To find a listing of over 1,000 free online courses, visitors to the Coursera website can enter "Free Course" into the search box. Some of these courses include teaching foundation classes, fundamentals of English writing and computing fundamentals. Some specific course titles are Introduction to Thermodynamics, Preparation for General Chemistry, A Crash Course in Data Science and Fundamentals of Music Theory.

As of October 2015, there are over 230 free social science courses, with 209 in the business field and 177 in computer science. There are also specialization courses for which students may have to pay a fee. Additionally, students can get a certificate of completion for many of these courses if they finish them successfully.